Agenda 21 and The Wildlands Project

It sounds like the name of a low budget science fiction film, doesn’t it? Don’t let something as flippant as nomenclature miscontrue the true agenda at hand! Carbon taxation is only around the corner as we increasingly divert our focus towards more eco-compliant endeavours.

After reading several mainstream conspiracies in relation to globalization by way of environmentalism I decided to investigate the matter further. The following are my findings (I compiled these about a year ago for an online forum):

What is according to the United Nations?

In a nutshell Agenda 21 is a program run by the United Nations related to sustainable development. This global blueprint dictates the requisite action to be taken in governing all aspects of human impact on the environment. The full text was divulged at the United Nations Conference on Environment and Development in Rio de Janeiro on June 14, 1992. The program was adopted by 149 governments.

The text itself is 900 pages in length and is segregated under the following four sections:

  • Section I: Social and Economic Dimensions
  • Section II: Conservation and Management of Resources for Development
  • Section III: Strengthening the Role of Major Groups
  • Section IV: Means of Implementation

Why should I be concerned with Agenda 21?

Agenda 21 elevates nature above man and is based in its entirety on socialist control mechanisms. The global to local action plan concerns itself with global government. These eludes an end to national sovereignty, the abolition of private property, the restructure of the family unit and the increased restriction of mobility and individual opportunity.

Wouldn’t I have heard of any institutional or political activity by now?

You should have. George Bush executed the Agenda 21 protocols in 1992. Within a year Bill Clinton by executive order established the Presidential Council for Sustainable Development without congressional hearing. The subsequent eco-sociopathic Biodiversity and Wildlands project has already cast aside millions of acres of public and private American soil in the name of ‘conservation’.

The official Agenda 21 text:…genda21toc.htm

A simplified version of the Agenda 21 text:…o-agenda21.php

Are educational systems being falsley indoctrinated by Agena 21?

Yes! Let examine how a generation of children of United States are being illicitly indoctrinated as compliant global citizens. Remember that America is indicative of what’s yet to come for us emerald isle spuds.

UNESCO (United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization) declared 2005-2015 as the decade of Education for Sustainable Development and that it will encompass the forty chapters of Agenda 21 by way of amending the Federal National Curriculum (United States Education System). This increasingly environmentally centric approach focuses on the transfer of loyalty from the family to the government’s indoctrinations of sustainable economic consumption.

The following two excerpts are taken from a 6th- 8th Grade Mathematics curriculum introduced in the nineties:

“They (the students) learn that mathematics is man-made, that it is arbitrary, and good solutions are arrived at by consensus among those who are considered expert. “
Connected Mathematics: Section 3 Mathematics as Reasoning

By this logic 2 + 2 = 4 may no longer hold true should a new ‘consensus’ ever be reached.

“Because the curriculum does not emphasise arithmetic computations done by hand some CMP students may not do as well on tests assessing computational skills… We believe such a trade-off in favour of CMP is very much to the students advantage in …the world of work ”
p.84 (Teacher’s Guide)

These children are deliberately mathematically illiterate to endow them with a higher propensity for autonomous work! “Why deliberately?” the skeptical might ask. Read on…

“Generally, more highly educated people, who have higher incomes, consume more resources then poorly educated people, who tend to have lower incomes. In this case more education increases the threat of sustainability.”
The Education for Sustainable Development Toolkit

I shouldn’t have to spell out this for any fellow intellect. Draw the correlation amongst the three excerpts yourselves and try not shiver in disdain.

What is the Wildlands Project?

The Wildlands Project (hereafter referred to by the acronym TWP) was created to conserve the North American Rocky Mountain Glacier Parks. TWP presently proceeds intent on geographically networking protected regions from Canada to Mexico, from the Pacific to the Atlantic to “reconnect, restore and rewild” nature.

Established 14 years ago TWP fosters a radical conversation movement that integrates an eclectic mix of scientists, conservationists, government agencies, indigenous peoples, private landowners, non-government organizations (NGOs), and naturalists.

TWP is a derivative of the aforementioned Agenda 21.

Isn’t this simply a global initiative to protect the environment?

Indeed this represents the end goal but what requires further appraisal are the means. TWP’s mission statement while highlighting their revere for wildlife having “room to roam” fails to transparently disclose the subsequent ramifications for us mere Homo sapiens. In short TWP acknowledges that the salvaging of biodiversity implies that the humanizing of landscapes must not only grind to halt but that it must be reversed.

How exactly does TWP intend to overturn the humanizing of lanscapes?

Dr. Reed Noss (one of three founders TWP) suggests that “at least half of the land area of the 48 conterminous states should be encompassed in core reserves and inner corridor zones within the next few decades.” Noss is a tenured conservation biologist of 28 years serving several universities, federal and state agencies (including the EPA). Furthermore Noss has divulged “I would offer a more ambitious long-term goal, pending human population reduction, that at least 95 percent of a region be managed as wilderness.”

Again I shouldn’t have to explicate the allusion.

Why should I fear the ambitions of a few zealous ecologists?

The backbone of sustenance of TWP is significantly more than an ecological collective. TWP documents from 1993 and 1994 identify 35 different groups as members of the project. A substantial volume of contemporary appeals and litigation antagonizing natural resource dependent industries have been initiated by one or more of these member groups.

Aside from the aid of countless non-governmental organizations (NGOs) auxiliary interests include agencies of the U.S. government such as the State Department, the Department of Energy, the Forest Service, Fish and Wildlife and the Bureau of Land Management to name but a few. They possess alot more influential weight than meets the eye.

Why can’t you substatiate a notion as outlandish as depopulation?

I can and I merrily shall.  Let our appraisal be void of biased and propagated speculation and simply dependant on substantiated citation and referral. Under the guise of perpetuating natural cyclic processes, The Wildlands Project (hereafter referred to by the acronym TWP) advocates the dismantling of industrial civilization. Make no mistake that depopulation and the complete governmental acquisition and subsequent abolition of private land is a documented and freely discussed agenda of TWP.

Let’s begin with verified quotations as delivered by the very founders of TWP: Reed Noss, Michael Soulé and John Davis.

“Does all the foregoing mean that Wild Earth and The Wildlands Project advocate the end of industrial civilization? Most assuredly.”
– John Davis

“In many cases, private lands will need to be acquired and added to national forests and other public lands in order to serve as effective buffers.”

“…wilderness areas, and the public and private lands that envelop them must be managed as a whole in order to meet the goal of maintaining natural processes” “the native ecosystem and the collective needs of non-human species must take precedence over the needs and desires of humans”

“…pending human population reduction, that at least 95 percent of a region be managed as wilderness and surrounding multiple-use wildlands.”
– Reed Noss

“…we see wilderness as the home for unfettered life, free from industrial human intervention.”

“Vast landscapes without roads, dams, motorized vehicles, power lines, over flights, or other artefacts of civilization.”
– TWP Mission Statement

“For instance, say you own a cattle ranch that sits astride a valley that forms a natural link between two massifs in Montana, and that is vital for a link in the system. And say that I, a stranger, show up one day and ask you to donate your ranch to a conservancy or to the state. At first you would probably think me a fool. At worst you would feel attacked, especially if I said that there would be a bill introduced into the legislature that would declare your land to be a critical habitat, thus justifying its condemnation. But if you had been a partner in an open planning process, you might be more disposed to the conservation objectives of the program, if not the means of realizing it. And it might make a big difference if I told you that I wasn’t asking you to give up ranching on your land, but to consider leaving it to a conservancy after the death of your children, by which time cattle ranching in Montana would probably not be economic.”
– Michael Soulé

It is only the summation of the above quotations that will allow us to objectively decipher their connotations. The acquisition of private land will be endeavoured by donation, condemnation or purchase to depopulate the majority of land and restore the wilderness and its matrix of composite species.

Proof of theory is fine but can you provide proof of implementation?

Again I can and I merrily shall.

Take the time to review the following map created by Dr. Michael Coffman, a principal and esteemed ecologist, biologist and scientist. Prior to absconding the TWP Coffman was responsible for drafting the projected Wildlands map (below) and associated official governmental documentation on behalf of TWP.

The map can be interpreted as follows:

Biodiversity & Wildlands Project - USA

Biodiversity & Wildlands Project - USA

*** For a larger map please use an image search engine like Google or Yahoo! ***

RED: Fifty percent of America is to be segregated into core wilderness reserves and interconnecting corridors facilitating little or no human use.
YELLOW: The surrounding interconnecting buffer zones facilitate only highly regulated activity.
BLACK DOTS: Inhabited cities with a populace of greater than 10,000.

I’m going to work off the assumption that you’re competent enough to graphically identify the projected depopulation and instead will focus on corroborating its implementation. The implementation attempted a swift congressional passing despite ambiguous protocols and corollaries. Eventually four concerned conservative activists (Sovereignty International) used the above map to stop the ratification of the treaty an hour before its scheduled closure and ratification vote. Despite being an unratified signer of the accord America launched the 1966 Endangered Species Act twenty six years prior to the international biodiversity convention which bequeaths them with the longest track record and most comprehensive program of species protection of any country. As with all compromised ratifications, perhaps like the Lisbon Treaty, there seems to arise a ‘work around’ for governments to legitimately but illegitimately realize their objectives. It should be evident to many of you that this no longer falls under the realm of hypothesis rather it is an already instigated depopulation agenda. As aforementioned this is but a starting point and the earliest reference to legislative conflict and congressional passing. Copious contemporary examples exist and exhibit the proliferation of Agenda 21 and the derivative TWP. In future posts I will dispatch such instances and converge specifically on European and Irish implementations.

Congressional Record S13790:


2 responses to this post.

  1. Interesting and scary. I’ve been reading a lot of things on the internet that have really opened my eyes and shocked me. I can’t consider all these things “conspiracies” anymore, but reality – since if it walks like a duck, quacks like a duck etc., I guess by reason and deduction – it must be a duck. I’ve stopped watching the news, as well as all the slime on TV, since it’s all part and parcel of this crazy world agenda. My question to you is this: How does one alert people to what’s going on, seriously? What can be said that will make people listen up? I know the education system here sucks ass, but the information is OUT THERE if you want to get it so I get so frustrated I guess that the American people must WANT to be controlled slaves to global elite, while pretending they are not. Any people who can watch their most hallowed document, the Constitution, be literally tossed into the fire and SIT THERE is in a lot of trouble. If we would collectively get off our asses then maybe we could change this – but only a few of us can really believe what we are reading, hearing and seeing on independent news media. In fact, the really terrible thing is if you bring up these things you are laughed out of the place. Here in NY, I can’t speak for the US as a whole (but probably even worse), I feel that the media has brainwashed nearly everyone who has a pulse and unless you are an Extreme Free Thinker, you insist on being in denial and will not even CONCEIVE of what is really coming down the pipe. The mainstream television news and the papers have a vice grip on the American mind, and many of the people can no longer think. In addition, there is the jingoism – the flags, yellow ribbons, the bumper stickers on the back of all the cars – the blind patriotism that makes people think they are being a good American citizen by NEVER raising a question in their own mind, never mind discussing it. There are terrible, terrible fucking spelling and grammatical errors even in the more high-minded newspapers, for God’s sake. The greatest insult is to be called a “conspiracy buff”. This is an insult to imply you are out of your mind and off your rocker. You are reading into things that are really great ideas for your own good. Even if it is plainly not. Check out HR875 in the House of Representatives – outlawing organic farming and even growing your own fucking tomatos will be illegal? This is NOT Orwellian? And 9/11 was not properly investigated – it was a total whitewash. Conspiracy Theorist!!! It’s a term used by all and sundry to pretend that everything is all right, and it’s anything but okay. The other main insult is “traitor” by not supporting your country’s imperial agenda. Bad American!!! – You hate the USA. You hate your country. I’m serious. That’s what you fucking get here for asking WHY our taxes are used to fund 700 US military bases in 140 countries. No VALID, real, true answer, just “You must be a traitor” “You hate America” or “Move to France.” I don’t think things are that much better there though – I think it’s a worldwide problem too. However, here in the US one aspect is different – people believe there is a cut-and-dry written in stone mandate from God GUARANTEE of liberty, where in older nations they know that extreme tyranny, similar to this, has happened over and over. In America, nothing on this scale has ever before been seen or even attempted, so people dont believe it can happen here, even when it is in full development, and no longer in the embryonic stage. In fact, when the shit really hits the fan and people get out in the streets, they are absolutely ready for us. The police state is running smoothly, and there are over 700 “camps” (yup, camps, folks) for “civil unrest.”
    So to my fellow American citizens I say this: Wake the fuck up. Or you can just go on getting fat and enjoying the Circus Maximus and the free bread, assholes. You will need to hang on to the memories when you are sipping cyanide cocktails in Camp Tough Shit.


    • Posted by Irish Spud on September 29, 2009 at 4:43 pm

      Thanks for the detailed post. It’s about to get a whole lot worse Deirdre with the imminent vaccination programs. If you want to get active then get in touch. You need to start working with those who are already awake rather than trying to alert the ignorant. I know that sounds harsh but I’ve learnt this the hard way.


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